Closet Maids’ Organizer With Adjustable Shelves


Affordable ready-made adjustable storage components have come a long way in the past few years. They feature better hardware and new finishes and accessories that were once available only on high-end systems.

The ShelfTrack Adjustable Closet Organizer from ClosetMaids includes the majority of the essential pieces that you have to manufacture the closet you had always wanted. The unit includes wire shelving, sections, closet poles, bolster pole, and the majority of the equipment for a simple installation. Everything you need is your closet space and the instruments inclined on your right side. ShelfTrack can be effortlessly installed by following the installation guide gave in the case.

The kit comes with two 4 ft shelves (with rods) and one 2 ft shelf with rod. You do not have to attach rods to every shelf if you do not need it. There are also two horizontal bars (you will need to cut one of those if your closet is less than 5 ft wide), and three 4 ft vertical standards and one short 2 ft one. To install the organizer, you will have to attach the horizontal bars – each has 4 holes, and at least one has to be located over a stud. Then you attach vertical bars over studs. And then you hang the shelves. It takes time to measure correctly, and to drill all the holes in the wall, and then screw all the screws.

No cutting or extra equipment is important to begin your organization venture. Take a sneak top of the simple installation process by watching the video at the highest point of this page.

Maximize Your Storage Space:

With extents from 144 to 216 inches of shelf space and 96 to 132 inches of hanging space (depending on your closet size), ShelfTrack transforms your small confined space into a beautiful closet. These organizers fit closets from 4 feet wide to 8 feet wide and takes into consideration movable shelves with the goal that you can alter to flawlessness. Store your clothes, shoes, satchels, scarves, and more with ShelfTrack.

Celebrating the State of Organization:

Mess over-burdens our faculties and causes undue anxiety in all parts of our lives. Be that as it may, simply imagine walking through your front door into an anxiety free, organized desert spring. For over 50 years, ClosetMaid has been working with customers to better comprehend the effect of mess on our lives and how they can give the solutions to ease organizational anxiety.

Adjustable Shelves

ClosetMaid wire systems are reliable, helping people stay organized for a half of century. Flexible storage frameworks, for example, ClosetMaid ShelfTrack, are perfect for youngsters’ closets, storerooms and odd-molded closets. Look over two finishes and affix to the benchmarks with sections. This customizable mounting framework makes it simple to arrange your design or revise it as requirements change.

SuperSlide Shelving

SuperSlide adjustable shelving is a two-piece-continuous slide hang pole and bolster equipment framework that effortlessly connects to an existing wire shelf, for example, ClosetMaid’s All Purpose or Heavy Duty Shelving. SuperSlide shelving is ideal for folded clothes, linens, and other closet things. This framework changes conventional wire shelves into ranges with additional hang space.

Fits Multiple Closets

From 4 feet to 8 feet, ShelfTrack Closet Organizers will fit in any closet in your home. Effortlessly install and begin having fun with organization. Organize your room closet or utility closet. Since ShelfTrack Closet Organizers are customizable, they are additionally ideal for your infant or little child’s closet as it will conform as your child develops.

The Closetmaid adjustable shelves will make you need to cut to size. Moreover, if you need one long 6 ft shelf, you cannot just put one 4 ft and one 2 ft shelves side by side, the brackets will be in the way, you will have to buy longer shelf. They do sell them at Home Depot and they will cut them for you for free, too. It means you have to plan in advance.

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